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Excellent Honey

Really high quality beautiful honey

Great product

I love this honey. I have tried several and they are all fantastic and such a great deal. Good delivery too. Thank you


I have already reviewed this product before and I am happy to do it again

Buckwheat honey is delicious and has just as many health benefits as the over-hyped manuka honey.

scientific evidence:

I truly believe that the reason I never get sick is because I eat this every day (and drink chaga tea - another eastern european wonder food)

lots of love


Great tasting honey and fantastic customer service


Very tasty honey and fantastic customer service

Sweet and affordable.

My Orchard Honey tasted great and was very affordable for a volume of 1kg.

Beautiful again!

This honey was so delicious and almost buttery! Can definitely recommend!

Amazing Lovely Honey

Bought 4 larges of honey just under a year ago one of each of what i thought would be my favourite
We loved all 4 flavours of this lovely soft and full of flavour honey so much so as we were half way through our last jar i re-ordered 1 jar of every flavour they had in stock also ordered 2 jars of our
2 faviouret flavours. Delivered very well wrapped and boxed also a very quick delivery.
R. I.
22nd March 2020

Wild Forest Honey - Sweet, delicious, will order again!

Great usual baltic honey taste

Lovely Honey

Good quality and my family love it !!

Delicious honey

Great taste and note, tasty in drinks or for cooking.

Beautifully Flavoured Honey

Using this honey every day for honey tea.
The product itself tastes natural and raw.
Thank you for good products.


Everything was true just like they said. Real pure honey !


Never disappoints! It’s so wonderful!

Smaller jar preferable

The honey is lovely but the jar is too big and heavy for me to open- I live with chronic pain. I struggle to open the jar- it’s too wide for my hands. Not an issue for most people I know but for me it is. A smaller jar would be preferable.


The nicest honey I've ever tasted , i was a little bit worried about trying the buckwheat as others have said it has a barnyard taste ? I found it smooth with a lovely caramel flavour, not at all sweet and cloying , I like it so much I'm waiting for an email to let me know when it's back in stock , i wanted a honey to go with my home made Greek yogurt and this is perfect .

Tasty and affordable

Sweet Field and Orchard honey has so far been my favourite. Sweet and priced very competitively.

Wildflower bliss

This honey is amazingly drooling... There are no words to describe how it melts in your mouth and elevates you to ecstasy! Thank you dear bees for creating this heavenly honey!!

We were thrilled to read your delightful review, Laura! Thank you for sharing your views.
Perfect Honey

This time I ordered Buckwheat honey once again. And it gad a really nice texture, almost solid with a bit grainy, which I like. Very happy!

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us this great review, Yelena. We're so glad you enjoyed our Buckwheat Honey.
What a treat

Having now found this honey i now will not buy any other. I am trying all the different varieties to find my fav. 😁

Thanks for the lovely review, Tracy. We’re happy that you’re happy and we look forward to your next visit.
Gorgeous buckwheat honey

Honey arrived beautifully packed. I had hesitated before ordering two jars and now wish I'd ordered more! Lovely mellow taste, not overly sweet, smooth texture. Love it. Thankyou.

Our sincere thanks for your positive feedback, Angela.
Best Honey ever

Buckwheat honey is my absolute favourite honey. And this one tasted exactly like the one I buy back home in Belarus. It's not crystalised and tastes like caramel (although it varies from harvest to harvest) but in general this brand has the absolute best buckwheat honey (and I have tried other lithuanian brands that sell honey in the UK)
amazing guys, thanks!

Liza, your review really made our day! Thank you very much for taking the time to share your thoughtful and helpful review.
Amazing Honey just like back home from the local market

I already praised this honey highly on Amazon. The whole range is amazing but I personally love Buckwheat the most (Forest field is similar but more crystalised which I personally don't like that much)

I am from Belarus and all kinds of honey BalitcHoneyShop have the same quality as the one I buy locally at home. I am very happy I found this brand as now I can buy my favourite honey in the UK!. It's also quite cheap given the high quality. Well done guys, Aciu!

We were thrilled to read your delightful review, Liza! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughtful and helpful views.
Buckwheat Honey what a lovely taste

Really surprised at the taste of this honey, now about to order my second jar. It's a lovely taste and it's good for you as well.

Thank you for your wonderful review of our Buckwheat Honey, Yvonne.