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Sweet delight

I have found this honey is sweeter than many other honey's, it is also softer and easier to spread. I have had various honey's from Baltic Honey Shop, and in every case they have been excellent, all with their own distinct flavours. So will continue to be a regular customer

Raw Forest Field Honey
matthew walker
Fantastic honey.

Really pleased with my jar of honey and have recommended you to a friend.
Jar was well packaged and arrived quickly.

Raw Forest Field Honey
lindsey millbank
Love this honey

Again full of flavour honey and great texture thoroughly recommend

Raw Forest Berry Honey (1 kg)

Strong and yummy taste!

Stronger and more ‘grainy’ than some honey’s we’ve had but oh so delicious! Cashew butter and honey in a pitta - yummy!!!!!

Wild forest honey

Perhaps an acquired taste but I love it. The jar will not last long.
I've not had a jar of honey I've not enjoyed.

Is oil seed the best honey?

I’ve tried now about 5 or 6 different honeys and I think in general, you just can’t go wrong with oil seed. It is tasty, sweet and a very simple honey. May be the best bang per buck actually.


Raw wild forest honey

This is a truly delicious honey, with a beautiful flavour and texture, and incredibly moreish. I asked for a big jar as a birthday gift so that I wouldn't have to feel guilty at daily exceeding the number of spoonfuls we try to limit ourselves to ( unsuccessfully of course). Highly recommended!

Every jar I have purchased so far were good quality honey.

Beautifully sweet and lovely texture.
Always the purity of the unrefined honey is evident in the taste and aromas.

Best honey ever

I love this honey. I have bought it 3 times now. It has a beautiful earthy smell and taste and does not have the overwhelming sweetness of lighter honeys. The depth and thickness of the honey and flavour make you realise the difference between honey made from flower pollen and those made from bees who are given sugared water.

Raw honey

The honey is as expected, its clear and tastes great, the price and delivery was excellent.

Great taste and value for money!


The honey was crystallized when I received it which was disappointing as this makes it difficult to use in some recipes.

Raw Forest Field Honey
neville sattentau
quality, packaging, all excellent

forest field honey is one of my favorites

Nothing like it

Every single order from you has been perfect. Thank you!

Great honey but this time not soft

I really like this honey. So I waited until it came back in the store thinking it would be fresher and runny because I've bought some before that turned out hard. But even though I bought it as soon as it appeared again in the store, it was still hard and not runny. Shame


As usual, I cannot fault this honey, all honeys are unique and I love all for their flavours

Raw Forest Field Honey
Alex Marantelos
Top quality and taste

Highly recommended, amazing quality and taste!

Good hard and sweet honey

This honey reminds me of childhood with local honey. It’s a good affordable honey works really well with other foods.

Raw Golden Flower Honey (1 kg)

The very best

After extensive research I coclude this to be the very best honey for quality,price and service.
There is no added sugar which means in the winter they must feed the bees with their own honey to prevent them starving.Also the fact it chrystalizes proves it hasn't been processed and over heated.
Well done to the bee keepers in Lithuania,keep up the good work
Tom (Shrewsbury)

Terrific honey

Really rich and creamy

Raw Buckwheat Honey (1 kg)
Alastair McCarroll

Fantastic product and delivery was super quick! Highly recommended!

My family’s favorite honey!

My family has been used Buckwheat honey for years. We relocated in England recently and tried several brands of Buckwheat honey locally. We concluded that the one sold by Baltic Honey Shop is of the greatest quality. I recently found they have their own online shop and provide delivery service. It’s perfectly convenient to purchase the honey from them directly.

Thanks Baltic Honey Shop! Keep up with your good job. My family’s honey supplies would depend on you.