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Really great stuff, I don't believe I'd ever really tasted 'real' honey before, having always bought processed supermarket honey. This honey tastes and feels rich and wholesome and I now use it in place of other sweeteners in my various breakfasts, hot drinks, natural yoghurts etc. Very glad to have found this!

Blue flower and Sunflower honey

Absolutely amazing honey, blue flower honey is very intense taste and very rich, personally I drink it before meditations combined with my favourite blue lotus tea. 🀀
Sunflower honey is not as intense as blue flower honey, but after drinking tea with this honey, feels like it helps to radiate sun from within, we become what we eat 🌞 So why not to be like a 🌻 :)
Will order again in the future 🀩

recently purchased honey

all the honeys I have bought from you over the years have been excellent. they always arrive promptly and very well packed. I have recommended them to quite a few friends

Decided to try a few honeys this time

I usually buy a big jar but I was tempted to buy the smaller jars in both the light and dark. I have had some of the honeys before but a couple are new. not tried them yet but I've no doubt they'll all be fantastic as I have yet to have a type I didn't like. Amazing differences between the light and the dark honeys (the latter are generally a stronger flavour) and also in the sweetness between the different types.

A very pleased customer.

Amazing honey

We have been ordering your honey for a few years now and it’s still amazing.
It’s very good for hay fever, I have every morning with fresh lemon n ginger, no more hay fever

Thank you




First time purchasing this honey and I’m so glad I did. I got the sweet field honey and it’s beautiful. It’s a morning staple for our daily porridge!! Will definitely order more and can’t wait to try the others!!

Mild and delicious

Buckwheat honey is my second one following Wild Forest. It's really difficult to say which one is better. Maybe Buckwheat honey is milder s wee bit but of course both are marvelous. Shortly I will order next jar to taste all of them. Never had such delicious and thick honey before. Try and enjoy them!

Morning treat

I bought in last 2 years 5 or 6 different honey's, they are absolutely great, I really enjoyed Lime and Flower honey, recently bought Blue flower honey - my daughter like it a lot.
I think any honey is a medicine in some ways, so every morning I take a spoon with my morning tea

Gorgeous honey!!

Love the honey from Baltic honey shop, I've tried quite a few and always come back for more, think I'm addicted! Buckwheat my fave!

Great Honey, Fast Delivery

Cannot really flaw the honey or the company. Very well priced for 1kg honey.

Golden honey

Been using supermarket honey for a while, this is the next step!

Taste like decent honey

It was usual great product from Baltic shop. All is ok

Amazing as ever!

Buckwheat honey - delicious and amazing as always

Great selection

Really glad I selected the triple jars so I could try three variations and going through them one by one, finished off the field bean in quick time...yummy now halfway through the field bean and I really like this one it’s lush, not started the wild forest test as saving while last but anticipating it after all the great reviews. 😁

I love your products, they are delicious 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Selection of three

What a treat to be have a succession of delicious tastes. Loved the field bean and the wild forest. Have yet to try the buckwheat, but it smells delicious. I love the fact that the honey has crystallised - my favourite way of eating it!

Not tried the Raw Forest honey yet.

I only eat one jar at a time and I am the only one who eats honey, but I have no doubt this will be as good as the Sweet Field honey when I get round to it.

Buckwheat Honey

Another scrummy honey from Baltic Honey! Honestly every honey i've tried from here have been delicious! Have had over 6 of their flavours! Order - you will not be disappointed!

Yummy honey!

This is the best honey I have tasted. I ordered the buckwheat honey. Good quality. Apart from the "barnyardy" taste which just authenticates it I would highly recommend.


Sweet Field honey very good taste and texture.
Wild Forest honey not tried yet.


I love your products, they are delicious 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tasty and healthy

I highly recommend this natural raw honey! It's really delicious! It's got natural brown colour and is thick. You can have it itself or add to warm milk or tea or spread out on bread. I will certainly buy next jars!

Simply the best!

I have purchased Baltic Honey before via Amazon, so not a newbie! Repeat custom speaks volumes and hand on heart can say the honey within the range of Baltic Honey - hits the spot every time; exeptional service and a quality tasting honey. It's wonderful.