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Excellent honey

Honey as you remember it

Great value, super taste, handy texture. Our cupboard will never be without a jar again!

great raw honey amazing taste love it super honey delivery service great honey seller

raw wild honey not to be missed amazing honey taste and fast delivery service

Raw Orchard Honey (1 kg)
Philip Scotwright
Honey online shop.

Excellent honey ad superb price.5 stars+.

By far my favourite honey!

I was initially put off trying Buckwheat honey because of it being described as having a stronger flavour, but it turns out I absolutely love it, I can't get enough of it!

Always the best

Been buying this honey for years now and it's always been great

Raw Orchard Honey (1 kg)
Mr A C Waddington
My thoughts

I was astonished to discover I could buy raw honey at this price AND have it delivered.

First timer

Hi, this is my first time I have tried raw honey, so a bit of a surprise with the smell of it. But you get used to it, when you have it on toast, then the taste comes out, nice. Going try a different one next time though. But over all. Nice. Good price and fast delivery. I also have it in my tea.


So delicious, I have it everyday on my Greek yoghurt.

Yummy honey

We've just ordered and tried raw wild forest honey for the first time and it was delicious. Thank you.

Very delicious

I liked this honey
Very special taste

Buckweat honey

This honey is the best and healthiest you can buy. It has more antioxidants than other type of honey hence very healthy. And tastes amazing.


Savour the taste, a honey with body as well as divine sweetness. A bit like the wife.

Forest honey

Beautiful light sweet honey.
The honey was hard, however I placed it in a pan of warm water, and the heat of the water melted the honey and has stayed running

Buckwheat is best

delicious honey, quite out of the ordinary

Thoroughly enjoy the honey. So far the best i've tasted

Raw Wild Forest Honey (1 kg)
Sinead O'Sullivan
Raw Wild Forest Honey

Rich and full of flavour.

Buckwheat Honey - Molasses, malt and dark chocolate

Not a super-sweet honey - it has the slight bitterness (and a slight flavour) of dark chocolate and all the taste of malt and molasses. A toasty, full-bodied honey! Recommend trying it on a slice of German-style rye bread (with tahini, if you like) or swirled into a pot of full fat yoghurt. This is my favourite honey.

Golden FLower Honey - Apples baked with spices

A strong-tasting and very sweet honey, reminiscent of baked apples with spices, perhaps a little cinnamon and caraway seed or fennel - there is a bit of an aniseed flavour to it, which lingers in the mouth. Thoroughly enjoyable, and very different from the Buckwheat honey that I usually buy.

Raw Forest Field Honey
Paul Williams

Excellent honey

Beautiful !

This honey is absolutely amazing ! What a treat !


Love this honey!

Absolutely beautiful!

Nothing beats these honeys. They are so flavoursome and real!


Great quality. Great taste.

Buckwheat honey

Well packaged and fast delivery.