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Very tasty

Well flavoured honey delivered on time


I don't like leaving a negative review as I’ve had honey from Baltic Honey several times before. I have always been more than pleased with the product.
The problem with the Buckwheat honey is that it is so hard that I’m having trouble getting it out of the jar. I have to chip it out. Its certainly not spreadable

Raw Buckwheat Honey 1kg

First time I’ve tried Raw Buckwheat Honey. Absolutely love it. Strong, earthy, rich & such a unique taste. Best honey I’ve ever tasted. LOVE IT.

Always great honey!

I try different flavours with each purchase and I have never been disappointed with any of the honeys. Different tastes between the light and the dark and some are quite a bit sweeter than others but they are all great.

Lovely Ceamy Honey

I recently received a jar of creamed honey, it has a lovely mild taste which I enjoy. It's so easy to use as the texture is softer than the other honey varieties, it's great for adding to drinks and baking.

Lovely Honey

natural taste


Honey with a healing power and gentle taste.

What a lovely honey!

I was really enjoying your selection of 3 honey, buckwood, forest and bean ! I got some reassurance of quality that honey was not liquid - meand they should be genuine! looking forward to buy another sample!


I've bought 2 different honey for my daughter, as a gift, as she adds it every morning to the cup of tea
It's not the first time I buy on this website, and according to my daughter - honey is absolutely delicious....

Buckwheat honey

Buckwheat honey has a strange smell almost farmyard in scent , however it has a wonderful taste similar to a fudgey caramel it is sweet but less sweet than most honey, it is my favourite honey I can eat it straight off the spoon .

Blue Flower

Bought as a gift & very well received. Can't wait to try it myself! I love your honeys. Wishing you a Merry Christmas & hope 2021 is a better year for all.

A very full-flavoured honey

This honey is thick, dark and full of flavour. It is unlike any other honey that I’ve tasted and is definitely better.

Once again a great honey

These honey's never disappoint. I got a new flavour, Lime & Flower, which is a lighter honey in colour and has a fresh, sweet taste. Highly recommended.

Lovely natural honey

I have bought several times from Baltic Honey. Lovely honey, great taste and quick delivery! Will buy again. Great Christmas present as well.

Best in the World

This honey is just the best I have ever tasted. I am quite a honey aficionado and have tried honeys the world over, including wild honey in Malaysia and traditionally produced honey in France. None has compared to the quality of any of the Baltic honey . Every one of them is delicious

Taste, Quality, Quantity, Versus Price.

I have been buying and eating the honney for a few years now and have tried all of the flavours, I love them all.
The quality and taste of the hunney is always second to none, the cost always represented good quality and good value for money.
However , I recently placed an order for 5 large jars of various flavours, and am astonished of how the Price has escalated over the last 12 Months or so, now at almost £20 per 1kg jar this becoming very expensive hunney.
As appose to supporting both loyal and potentially new customers by continuing to offer good value for money.
i feel this product is fast becoming expensive and possibly un-afordable if it continues to go up in price, in particular with the new pricing structure that now means we are having yo pay more money for the more Popular Flavours. Pure Greed/Profiteering.
R Ireland

Raw Oilseed

Haven't opened the Heathberry I ordered yet, as I'm finishing up the Raw Oilseed honey.

"Raw Oilseed" may not be the sweetest sounding name, but the honey is lovely: sweet and creamy, and easy to spread. A great everyday honey!


Very good value for the price and nice taste

Delicious product!

I am new to this shop, so ordered a selection of dark honey (forest, field bean, and buckwheat). I have never tried field bean honey, so was pleasantly surprised by its classic aroma and sweet taste (if you have doubts about what honey you like - go for this one!).
Forest honey is darker, has a more complicated flavor, and a very light sourness recognizable only when I compared it to the field bean one. I still can't say which I prefer between these two though. Buckwheat honey I am going to present my friend for Christmas.
My set was well packaged and arrived pretty soon. All honey was crystallized but I put a jar in hot water and in an hour honey became runny and remained runny till we ate it.
Happy with the company - finally, I found proper aromatic honey that has a taste of childhood!

Lime Flower Honey is bombtastic!

This is absolutely divine, so scrummy that i ended up prdering 4 jars of it! As needed to make sure we had enough to keep us going through the winter. Along with the Blue Flower honey they are my fave two flavours from Baltic Honey. I have also tried their Dandelion, Heathberry and Forest Field honeys which were all very yummy too. So happy we discovered Baltic Honey Shop for 100% real unprocessed natural honey. Will never ever go back to those supermarket processed blended EU honey rubbish again!

Nice flavour.

Nice honey, but I can't seem to get the honey to recrystallise well. It seems to stay very gritty.

Best one for me Heathberry Honey

Heathberry Honey is the best Honey I have tasted. I have had about 4 other flavour from the Baltic Honey Shop but this is the best one for me. This one has a lovely sweet flavour without being too sweet and I can also taste the flavour of berries in it. Hope it's back in stock soon.

Great honey!

I bought the heatherberry honey. It’s great quality and tastes amazing! I’ll definitely be returning!

Proper honey

Very nice honey.Im glad I found exactly what I need .Thank you!

The best

I absolutely love the taste of this raw honey (buckwheat) it tastes as honey should taste, delicious