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Buckwheat honey's digestive benefits

Anecdotal evidence suggests that some raw honeys improve digestive ailments and recent research has provided some explanation for this. Buckwheat honey’s particular content of special compounds (phenolics) and certain naturally occuring simple sugars (oligosaccharides) provide special digestive benefits.

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Buckwheat Honey vs Manuka Honey

Although the health benefits of Manuka honey have been studied for some time, the health benefits of Buckwheat honey are just beginning to be discovered. A comparison of the two honeys across three dimensions (nutritional value, antibacterial activity and cellular antioxidant activity) reveals notable similarities and differences between the two honeys.  

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Honey as an aphrodisiac

In ancient times, honey was considered an aphrodisiac virtually everywhere it was found. Apart from its pleasing sweetness which certainly puts many people in a good mood, there is also some evidence to support its stimulating reputation.

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