Free shipping on all orders in the UK

How to Order

First time shopping with us? Follow these simple steps to place an order.

  1. Select products and go to Checkout. After choosing the item(s) you’d like, click “Add To Cart” to store the item(s) in your cart. If you want to remove any item from your cart, click the “-” to the left of the item. Add any special instructions (regarding delivery, for instance) at this point. After reviewing items in your cart, click “Check Out” to submit your order.
  2. Select from Checkout options. 
    1. You can choose to create an account with us by selecting the option “Already have an account with us? Log in” and then clicking on “Create an account”. This saves your address information, allowing you to check out faster the next time you shop with us.
    2. Otherwise, you can check out as a guest, using express checkout or the standard checkout procedure. Express checkout using PayPal or GPay, allows you to login to PayPal or GPay and choose address information there, which saves you having to re-type your address details. Otherwise, you can check out using the standard checkout procedure, by simply entering your shipping address and your details will not be saved. You do not need to use your email address to check out using the standard checkout procedure. You can use your mobile phone number and order updates will be sent to you via SMS. 
  3. Go to the Shipping page. Shipping is free in the UK.
  4. Go to the Payment page. We accept most credit and debit cards and PayPal. At any step in the process, you can apply a discount code in the section to the right, in the box above the total.
  5. Order confirmation. Once you have placed your order, we would appreciate it if you could then leave a comment on the left of the screen, letting us know why you decided to buy this product. You should receive an e-mail confirming your order within a few minutes. We will send another e-mail in a day or two when your order is dispatched.