Raw Buckwheat Honey (1 kg)

Raw Buckwheat Honey (1 kg)

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This natural, raw honey was harvested in late August 2021, from bees feeding mainly on buckwheat blossoms. Please note that Buckwheat honey tends to have a strong aroma and taste and if you are new to it, please do not be surprised, as it is normal. It is not as sweet as other honeys, but some people find its full-bodied, earthy flavour to be particularly appealing. Buckwheat honey is also known to be high in antioxidants, compared to other kinds of honeys. 

We believe in offering the highest quality of raw, natural honey. Our honey is extracted from hives using traditional methods and we do not add any artificial ingredients during the collection and handling of the honey. This means that our honey is raw honey, which has all its beneficial components (enzymes, vitamins and anti-oxidants) intact, making it a healthy, natural sweetener. Raw honey crystallizes and this Buckwheat honey has crystallized, but remains spreadable. 

Here are some quick and healthy ways to enjoy Buckwheat Honey. 

Buckwheat Honey has several health benefits, including digestive benefits and anti-influenza effects. It also compares favourably to Manuka Honey in a few important ways.  

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Customer Reviews

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Heavenly honey

If you like your honey full of flavour and texture this is the one for you.

Natalie De’Lisser
Beautiful honey

This honey is so delicious, not too sweet and feels very nourishing.I have it with apple cider vinegar everyday. I highly recommend!

Shoaib Bux

Raw Buckwheat Honey (1 kg)

Marion H
Lovely honey!

I use this every morning in my hot lemon drink, which gets me going!

the best

I probably eat too much of this honey