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Raw Lime and Flower Honey (1 kg)

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This raw, natural honey was harvested in early summer 2020, from bees feeding mainly from linden (limeflower) and wildflower blossoms. This Lime and Flower honey has a very mild lemony flavour and a soft consistency. 

We believe in offering the highest quality of raw, natural honey. Our honey is extracted from hives using traditional methods and we do not add any artificial ingredients during the collection and handling of the honey. This means that our honey is raw honey, which has all its beneficial components (enzymes, vitamins and anti-oxidants) intact, making it a healthy, natural sweetener. Raw honey crystallizes and this Lime and Flower honey has crystallized, but remains soft and spreadable.

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Customer Reviews

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Great quality and flavour

Great quality and flavour!

Evgenia Doncheva

Delicious and healing.

Lovely Honey

natural taste

Claire Hayhurst-Knowles
Once again a great honey

These honey's never disappoint. I got a new flavour, Lime & Flower, which is a lighter honey in colour and has a fresh, sweet taste. Highly recommended.

Ronald Ireland
Taste, Quality, Quantity, Versus Price.

I have been buying and eating the honney for a few years now and have tried all of the flavours, I love them all.
The quality and taste of the hunney is always second to none, the cost always represented good quality and good value for money.
However , I recently placed an order for 5 large jars of various flavours, and am astonished of how the Price has escalated over the last 12 Months or so, now at almost £20 per 1kg jar this becoming very expensive hunney.
As appose to supporting both loyal and potentially new customers by continuing to offer good value for money.
i feel this product is fast becoming expensive and possibly un-afordable if it continues to go up in price, in particular with the new pricing structure that now means we are having yo pay more money for the more Popular Flavours. Pure Greed/Profiteering.
R Ireland