Raw Lime and Flower Honey (1 kg)
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Raw Lime and Flower Honey (1 kg)

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This raw, natural honey was harvested in early summer, from bees feeding mainly from linden (limeflower) and wildflower blossoms. This Lime and Flower honey has a very mild lemony flavour and a soft consistency. 

We believe in offering the highest quality of raw, natural honey. Our honey is extracted from hives using traditional methods and we do not add any artificial ingredients during the collection and handling of the honey. This means that our honey is raw honey, which has all its beneficial components (enzymes, vitamins and anti-oxidants) intact, making it a healthy, natural sweetener. Raw honey crystallizes and this Lime and Flower honey has crystallized, but remains soft and spreadable.

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Customer Reviews

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Gives you a bit more of the Wild Foresty Honey taste, but not too crazy. So still sweet and with a bit more flavour and than the basic honeys.

Lana P
Perfect as always

TASTY!! ❤️ 🍯 😍

Sally McColl
Shut your eyes and it’s proper old-fashioned summer

It just is. People round the breakfast table go quite quiet and dreamy it seems.

Lovely lime

Delicious and creamy texture with a delicate floral / lime taste - though I might be imagining the lime, it was the closest description I could think of that corresponded with that subtle flavour ( and the clue was in the title -so it could be accurate)

tracy herbert
Yummy Honey.

This is my first time with this variety and I love it. Am working my way through the flavours and another winner.