Raw Caraway Honey (1 kg)

Raw Caraway Honey (1 kg)

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Please note that this season's caraway honey is much lighter in colour.

This natural, raw honey was harvested in summer 2021, from bees feeding mainly on caraway flowers. It is a sweet honey with a very mild anise flavour.

We believe in offering the highest quality of raw, natural honey. Our honey is extracted from hives using traditional methods and we do not add any artificial ingredients during the collection and handling of the honey. This means that our honey is raw honey, which has all its beneficial components (enzymes, vitamins and anti-oxidants) intact, making it a healthy, natural sweetener. Raw honey crystallizes and this Caraway honey is firmly crystallized with a grainy consistency. For more information about our products and recipe ideas, please visit us on Facebook or Instagram.

Customer Reviews

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Nice one!

Bought this one for the first time and, will probably repeat!

Priscilla Peiser

Loved this honey just a little too solid even when I placed in the Microwave but saying that all your honey is good thank you

Honey lover
Excellent honey, poor customer service.

I've been buying honey from this shop for a while and the quality has never disappointed. Sadly the last order didn't arrive, I contacted customer services and never received a reply.

Raw Caraway Honey

This Raw Caraway Honey came a bit crystallised, bit it is still quite soft if you stir it.
I is very different from the general honeys found in the supermarket. It has a very strong distinct smell. It is not the sweetest honey and has a taste I assume from how Caraway tastes/smells. Its a good honey, we ate it all, but I’ll try all the others before going back to this one.

Caraway honey

I like it