Buckwheat Blossom Honey


This honey is mainly collected from Buckwheat blossoms in late August. Buckwheat honey is rich in iron and antioxidants. Please note that Buckwheat blossom honey tends to have a strong aroma and taste and if you are new to it, please do not be surprised, as it is normal. The honey is extracted by hand and spun using an artisanal method. It has crystallised but remains spreadable. The crystallisation of honey can be seen as a hallmark of quality as pure and natural honey crystallises at various speeds. 

This honey has been harvested in Lithuania in 2018. Lithuania is known for the untouched beauty of its summers when the honey is actually collected. The honey is natural and raw. No artificial ingredients were added during production and the honey has not been heated or processed in any other way. It may contain some honeycomb particles.

People use this honey with a variety of products: tea, yogurt, toasted bagels, oatmeal or as a glaze for cooking chicken or in stir-fry sauce. For more information about honey or how to use honey, please visit our Facebook page: 


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