About Us 

All our honey is from Lithuania, a country with a proud beekeeping tradition. Honeybees have a special place in Lithuanian folk culture. The ancient pagan mythology revered Austeja, a bee goddess and Bubilas, her drone husband. Lithuanians use the word for family (šeima) to refer to a colony of bees and the word for friend or mate (bičiulis) has its origin in the word for bee (bitė). To Lithuanians, bees are respected and cherished friends from nature.

In Lithuania, we have always eaten our honey raw and unfiltered from the hive, savouring its natural, unprocessed taste. In the UK, we were unable to find honey like this, so we created Baltic Honey Shop to offer our Lithuanian honey to everyone in the UK and farther afield. We are committed to offering honey just as we enjoy it in Lithuania: unpasteurized and unfiltered, with a pure, wholesome flavour.

We started in 2014 with one line of honey, harvested from linden, raspberry and dandelion (and a small quantity of other blossoms). Since then we have expanded the honeys we offer to include darker honeys as well as light honeys. All our honeys are raw and unprocessed, so they crystallize within a few months and contain pollen, propolis and other gifts from the hive. We are proud to offer our natural, great-tasting honey to honey lovers.



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